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Lead Generation Training

è Time to Shine!  Agent Marketing System Presentation. : ( Course AMS201) 1.5 hours Cost- Free (Does not include membership)

This is an overview presentation that will demonstrate how the features of the Agent Marketing System will give you the Unfair Advantage in the Real Estate Industry.  We will show you how top producers in the Industry use systems in their business allowing them to focus on the money making activities. 

We will cover:

Marketing feature and benefits including 

-Branded Customized Personal Websites

-Lead Generation Single Property Websites

-Done For you Listing Presentations and your branded Listing Video

- Real Estate Facebook Website App.

-Done4u Virtual Tours and Seller Feedback Reports

Plus Lead Generation Strategies using;

-Single Property Sites with Text Capture

- Property Blogging

Don't miss this incredible information session!

è  Agent Marketing System Lead Genaraton Workshop Presentation. : ( Course AMS201B) 3 hours  Cost- Free

Bring your Laptops, its time to dig in:

We will Cover how to set up profiles; Create Single property and Agent websites

-Review Features of social media Blogging and facebook Real Estate app.-

Don't miss this incredible information session!

è  AMS Social Media Syndication: (Course AMS202) 1.5 hours  Cost- Free

How to leverage the AMS system to populate your Facebook Real Estate App; Utilize Text Capture; Auto-creation youtube videos; Blogging -Be a Plogger® and start Plogging® your properties and score a bunch of SEO. Our blog posts about properties score fast and high in the search engines. Showcase all your listings with our Facebook listing widget. Place the property scrolling widget and a "Homes For Sale" tab on your profile; they link directly to your property websites.

è Strategies to attract buyers using single property website's (Course AMS203) 1.5 hours Cost- Free

A complete multi-page customizable website for each and every property. Customize the graphics, the menu, the pages... if you can imagine it, you can probably customize it. How to Utilize Text Capture; Auto you tube videos; Multi-Flyer Generation; Instant Chat and more

è  Building a dynamic database: (Course AMS204) 1.5-2 hours Cost- Free

New and experienced agents.  Without an organized database, with your clients’ information located in one place, you may spend most of your day trying to market your services to the wrong people. Creating your database is a vital part of developing a system that will generate a predictable stream of referred leads.

è  What makes you different? (Course AMS205) 1.25 hours Cost- Free

Developing your unique value position in the real estate industry and how to use AMS systems to market your niche. "pURLs" (Personal URLs) are the newest generation of Agent websites. Create as many as you want. One for you, two for niches, three for farms, four to go... get more leads!

è  Make a choice ---become a peak producer or a struggling agent: (Course AMS206) 1 hour Cost- Free

We outline the obstacles we can control to become the successful in our real estate careers topics will include the journey of the typical agent; seven major threats to production; the core fundamentals of business what kind a rainmaker you going to be? This session is a preview of Buffini Peak Producers first session in What it takes to be a Peak Producer!


Financial Seminar Topics

è Working with the first time homebuyers : ( Course AMS207) 1 hour Cost- Free

When someone is purchasing their first home, it is a daunting process and therefore we need to provide them that extra touch, education and knowledge in order to ensure that they are ready and informed for the biggest decision and purchase of their life! From the moment they start this journey to when they turn the key in the front door, there are many steps that need to be taken. Not only is this their first but it might not be their last so how you treat them now, will ensure renewal, repeat and endless referral business to you!


è  Creative financing options for your clients: (CourseAMS208) 1 hour Cost- Free

Get your buyers into the house!  100%financing;  rent to own programs & purchase plus

è  How do use Real Estate auctions to market your properties and still get paid for commissions.   (Course AMS209) 1 hour Cost- Free

 We will show you the strategies on how to compliment your listings marketing with auction marketing.

è  Commercial financing 101:  (Course AM210) 1 hour  Cost- Free

Key questions to ask when entering into a commercial financing and Packages to help the client prep for Commercial financing.

è Leveraging Rent-to-own Home Ownership to Increase Your Business: (Course AMS211) 45 minutes  Cost- Free

Many people want to own a home, but not all of them qualify for   financing.  If you’ve had to turn away a prospective buyer for this reason, Rent-to-Own can help save this business! It’s easier and more effective than you might think..

Event Training

Brian Buffini Success Tour Live Broadcast.  Cost- Free.  Location cost $99(sponsored)

June 23, 2015- Live Broadcast

Sept 16, 2015 – Live Broadcast

October 14, 2015- Live Broadcast

Toronto 2-3rd, 2015 – Live Event at The Toronto Congress Centre. Discount Tickets available of $75.

Brian Buffini Peak Producer – 12 week Program Cost- $395 + S/H

As Ontario’s Only Licensed local facilitator we are able to facilitate Peak Producers for Agents for all companies.



Coming Soon - Here are a list of presentation and training we are currently working on:

15 Must Have Apps for your Real Estate Business Mobile technology is a profoundly innovative and evolving constant in our most important interface – the connected world in which we live. New developments continue to offer end users no shortage of ways to stay connected in personal and professional contexts and environments. With so much advancement, it can be hard to sift through all the choices and pick the winners from the losers.

Setting & Managing Your Client's Expectations - Expectations are a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future. People can be led to believe something will happen a certain way, or they may make up and set their own expectations based upon past experience or outside information. As a Real Estate Agent, you should be properly setting the stage before you even talk numbers to ensure a successful transaction all the way through. 

How to Create Landing Pages and Opt-ins that Spark Action There are hundreds and thousands of potential clients out there, just waiting for us to present them with information and opportunities. But where do we send them for more info? And how do we capture their information in a logical and smart manner?

A Step by Step Guide to Facebook Ads and Audiences -  we will show you the exact process to placing Facebook Ads and how to optimize your results

How to Host a business Mixer

Setting Your Day Up For Success - 

Evernote - How to Take Control of Your Real Estate Business

Proven YouTube Video Marketing Strategies

5 Key Steps to Winning Clients Over & Having Them Refer You To Everyone!

Exactly How to Generate Leads and Sales from a Facebook Business Page - 

Building a Successful Social Business

How to Get Every Prospect in ANY Neighborhood in Minutes – 

 Impress Your Clients with the Perfect Pre-listing Presentation - 

How To Make Facebook Your #1 Lead Generation Source

Three Simple and Effective Ways to Build your Real Estate Business – 

 Important Safety Tips and Strategies for Real Estate Agents - 

How to Use Business Cards to Build Your Referral Network – 

 Are You a Local Real Estate Celebrity?  Find Out How to Become One! -  

 Do the Opposite - Everything You've Heard about Social Media is Wrong – 

 Marketing to Expired Listings & FSBOs with Flower Pots - Part 2 - 

Marketing to Expired Listings and FSBOs with Flower Pots - Part 1 -  

 Gear Up For The Fall Market with Facebook - 

The Ultimate Open House 

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